Your first meet

If you’ve been browsing the website and would like to join us on a Meet it’s best to come down and meet us on a Thursday evening. That way you meet some of the members and many questions can be answered directly.

After that have a look at the forthcoming events on the Meets page and decide which Meet you would like to attend. Meets are announced by the Meets Secretary via the Mercian Yahoo Group e-mail and also via the forum. Once the announcement has been made you can contact the Meets Secretary by e-mail, the forum, telephone or in person to sign up.

Accommodation is usually of a simple cottage or bunkhouse type. Facilities vary widely from quite basic to almost luxurious. Sleeping is normally in mixed dormitories. The cost of the accommodation will be made clear by the Meets Secretary when the meet is announced. Please ensure you settle up with a member of the committee before the end of the meet.

Travel arrangements are usually made on the forum or informally between members. However the Meets Secretary will be happy to help newcomers find someone to travel with.

Communal evening meals are usually organised. Typically someone will volunteer to cook and suggest a menu. Members and other attendees can then either join in or not as they wish. This again is done on the forum. Breakfasts and lunches are always the individuals own responsibility.

Please be aware that the Club does not provide formal tuition in mountaineering or climbing. Newcomers are not expected to have any prior knowledge or experience but are expected to be responsible and willing to acquire the skills, knowledge and equipment appropriate to the activity in which they are participating. Typically this means learning how to put on a harness, tying on to a rope, belaying, being able to read a map and navigate with a compass.

As a minimum, for a meet in a hut, you will need to bring on your first meet:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Rucsac
  • Water bottle
  • Breakfast and lunches
  • Money for the pub/hut fees/communal meal
  • Walking trousers/fleece/hat/gloves
  • Walking boots and socks
  • Head torch and spare batteries

In addition you might need other bits of equipment for camping meets, or if you want to take part in activities such as rock climbing, winter walking, winter climbing or mountain biking. If in doubt ask the meets sec. who will be happy to advise, and may be able to help out if you need to borrow equipment.