Mercian Lockdown Event - Amateur Film Night - Fri 15th May

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Mercian Lockdown Event - Amateur Film Night - Fri 15th May

Post by kudos »

Good evening darlings,

Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in this. Definitely enough energy out there to go through with it.

It's all about having fun (at one's own expense), so let's keep it simple. Here is the request....

Please direct your efforts in creating any moving picture homage of your choosing.

It can be serious, funny, professional or (most likely) amateur, the important thing is you have fun making it, and give us some pleasure in watching it.

It can be a recreation of a famous Hollywood scene, the sending up of a classic British TV advert, an impersonation of a historical character, the retelling of a story, or even a magic trick. The only rule I'll suggest is that it contains moving (and not in the emotional sense) imagery. Edit it to your hearts content, fill it full of those dramatic fade-in's, and blatantly infringe the copyright of any backing track, just do whatever you need to make your submission.

Only those submitting entries will be invited to the red carpet event, which I suggest taking place on the evening of Friday 15th May (flexible if the mob objects).

That gives the remainder of this week to think about it, the long weekend for the shoot, and editing and post production the following week. Submission (exact method TBC) will be needed at least the day before screening to sort out all of those technical issues.

This is an organic thing we've got here so feel free to make suggestions and help it grow.

Okay lovies, gotta go, you've been amazing. Kiss kiss,

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Re: Mercian Lockdown Event - Amateur Film Night - Fri 15th May

Post by Huw »

Sounds good, though re restricting viewings to only those who have entered; if Beth does the filming for mine, and Ruth provides emergency first aid afterwards, do they get to watch the event?

If people (understandably) dont want their amateur dramatics on fb or youtube, maybe you could upload the compliation to vimeo, share the private link to the guests, and remove after?

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Re: Mercian Lockdown Event - Amateur Film Night - Fri 15th May

Post by Fabian »

If anyone is feeling uninspired, but you have access to an iphone, ipad or a mac, the imovie app has some movie trailer templates. These allow you to create a very short trailer very easily. you literally put your own clips and text in the right slots, and bingo. People have had a lot of fun playing with these templates, often playing up to or sending up a movie style for comic effect.

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