Meets are typically available for booking two weeks prior to taking place, look out for announcements on the Mailing List and Forum, contact the meets secretary to reserve your place.
Here are a few guidelines for outdoor meets
  1. Members shall have priority when making bookings on Meets.
  2. On all Meets except the Annual Dinner Meet and the Easter Meet two places shall be allocated to potential members. If these places are not taken by one week prior to the start date of the Meet then the Meets Secretary shall offer the places to members.
  3. Non Members shall pay the same fees as members for their first two meets only. Thereafter non members shall pay the members fee plus £3 per night.
  4. Bookings for Meets cannot be made until the Meet is formally announced by the Meets Secretary.
  5. Bookings for Meets may be made via e-mail, the forum, telephone or verbally but the onus for ensuring that a place is allocated is with the individual member.
  6. The Meets Secretary may at his/her discretion require fees to be paid in advance and fees may also be non refundable.
  7. The following applies to dogs in any overnight accommodation booked by the Club:-
    • Dogs are only permitted on Meets accompanied by their owners who must be members.
    • Dogs are only permitted in the lounge/ living room areas at none meal times.
    • Dogs are not permitted in kitchens, dining areas, washing facilities, toilets and bedroom/dormitories.
    • If the booked accommodation has its own policy on pets than this must be complied with.
    • Where dogs are allowed in accommodation, no more than two dogs per meet are allowed.
  8. Members using campervans, caravans or similar are allowed to use the booked accommodation at a day rate of half the overnight fee providing there are adequate facilities and parking available.